Add Height to Your Cat’s Environment

The holiday season is right around the corner. That may mean presents and gifts for you, but it can also be a great time for your little kitties. We have some wonderful cat furniture that is available for your cats. Purchase a new play center for your kittens to play and lounge around with this holiday season. The Ware Kitty Crow’s Nest is the perfect play center for your cats to play with. 
The Ware Kitty Crow’s Nest is a wonderful place for your cat to relax and sleep. There is ample room for your kitty to curl up and sleep comfortably. The Ware Kitty Crow’s Nest is also a great place for your cat to play. This piece of cat furniture has a pole with a ball attached for your cat to play with. This piece of cat furniture is fully carpeted for your cat’s enjoyment. 
This durable item will be a great holiday gift to your cats. Don’t leave them out of the holiday experience. They are part of your family. Show them how much you appreciate their love. Sure, they might not understand it, but they will love the gift just the same.

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