Automatic Food and Water Bowl Feeder

Pet owners oftentimes will be too scared to leave their pet alone for too long, and thus will not venture far from home, even for family vacations. No one can blame them, but the fix is easily solvable, even if there isn’t anyone familiar enough to your animals to feed them. When pet owners see a solution to keep them less anxious and their beloved pets taken care of, it ignites a sort of passion in them to purchase the product for their animal. 
This particular automatic food and water dispenser seems to even have worst-case scenarios planned for, as it can still be active during power outages. A large portion of cat owners suffer from feeding their cats too much. This feeder can track the cat’s diet and set a feeding schedule automatically. For those struggling with keeping their cat healthy, this can be a great solution, as it can be very difficult to monitor your cat’s eating habits manually. The video is a great way to promote the product, as it can produce confidence and relief for many cat owners. 

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