Automatic Litter Box

Cats make excellent pets, and they live longer when you keep them indoors, however, this means dealing with a litter box. This is an interesting and helpful video that has an excellent description of how this litter box works as well as the process of cleaning it out.  
This video’s depiction of the litter box cleaning out the clumps in the letter is excellent. It clearly shows how good of a job it does. The one problem is it there is no reference as to how well it works with regular litter. It does not mention requiring self-clumping litter, but it does not clearly state that it does not require it. This is the only problem with this video. 
This video states the advantages of this litter box quite clearly. Anyone who has had to change a litter box on a regular basis would be asking where can I get one? The video shows this to be a helpful and useful product. It describes how it can improve the amount of your quality time with your cat. 

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