Electric Fence Boundary Training

As a dog owner, I believe that the electric fence boundary training method is a humane way to teach our dog about appropriate boundaries. Watching this video gave me a strong insight into what techniques go into training dogs to stay within their own territory or yard. I am definitely more inclined to purchase this kind of restraint for my own dog. It shows a level of patience on the part of the dog owner, as well as the desire for the dog to enjoy being outside without the pulling and discomfort of fixed leash boundaries. It respects the dog’s natural desire to run and play, yet does so with responsible understanding of borders. Teaching the dog that beyond a demonstrated line they will experience a “warning” without being punished is a positive method for me as a viewer, watching the training take place. I believe seeing this method in action inspires me to look into this option more thoroughly, as it is something I could absolutely see myself pursuing when it comes to my beloved dog. 

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