Environmentally Friendly Dog Beds

We spend hundreds of dollars on beds and bedding for our family. How much thought do you give to what your four-legged friends sleep on? Now you can give your pet comfort and know that you are doing something to help the environment. They will surely appreciate the comfort. 
The Eco-Nap, Environmentally Friendly Dog Bed comes in four different colors; sage, burnt orange, willow and oatmeal all colors have a “bear” colored bottom. They also come in five different sizes; 2x14x19 all the way up to 3x28x41. Whether you have a tiny Tabby or a rather large Rufus, we have the perfect size for your furry family member. These dog beds are made with fabric that contains 85% post-consumer recycled plastic, commonly known as soda-pop bottles. That is a lot of pop bottles that get diverted from landfills. 
Your pets are there for you at the end of a hard day, standing by the door as if they have been there all day waiting for your return. They offer unconditional love and are always ready to play or cuddle. Even the act of petting your furry family member has been proven to reduce stress.Do something good for the environment. And after all your pets do for you, give them something back. A luxurious eco-nap, environmentally friendly dog bed is just the treat they need. Its durable, stylish, machine washable and a great value.  

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