How Important is Clean Water for Pets?

Ever wonder if your pet is getting the cleanest food? Sure, we go to great extent to ensure that our pets have the best quality food that we can afford and we wash the food bowl every day to make sure that they aren’t eating left over crud from a couple days before. Our pets eat maybe once or twice a day. 
What about the water? Oh, we might fill the bowl with water and dump it out once or twice but why does it need to be cleaned? We also just give them water from the tap or the hose outside. When we go on trips it is the same the food bowl gets washed and the water bowl gets the same treat as it did at home. 
I’d like to introduce you to a new product called Pet Quenchers. This is a product that is produced by a veterinarian. The Pet Quenchers water goes through a lengthy process and is drinkable by humans and pets a like. Some of the processes are pre-filtration, carbon filtration, reverse osmosis, ozonation, and micro filtration. 
It also comes in a handy 14.5 oz container that has been heat sealed and is resealable for continued use after the first drink. It is perfect for traveling or everyday use. 
Now I know some of you are thinking what in the world will they come out with next? But let me ask you this…If you are willing to pay in the area of $4-5 a day for your pet to get some of the best food on the market then why not complete the meal with spending $1-3 a day on the best water for your pet. To me this is a no brainer… It’s kinda like spending money on some of the best steak around but drinking sour milk with it. Kinda defeats the purpose…so give Pet Quenchers a try. 

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