How to Find the Perfect Leash and Harness for Your Dog

Buying your new dog a leash and harness, or replacing the older dog accessories can be challenging because the options available are overwhelming. A wide range of dog leashes and harnesses are available, each claiming to deal with specific situations or issues. So how do you find the perfect leash and harness for your dog?

Dogs on a walk 
If you will be taking your dogs out for a walk often, you will need a fixed-length leash. With a length of between 4 and 8 feet, this leash offers you the option to steer your dog in different directions, as well as pull him closer if need be. You can hook it over your wrist so you can attend to another task without losing hold on your dog.

Size of the dog 
Choose your leash size and material depending on the size and weight of your dog. Chihuahuas may be overwhelmed by a heavy leash while a saint Bernard may easily snap a thin leash. Also take into account the behavior of the dog. For those that like to chew or bite on the leash, be sure to find a strong leather leash.

Handling multiple dogs 
If you will be handling multiple dogs, consider getting a double dog walking leash. It has two leashes attached to a shared handle. To prevent the leashes from tangling, choose those a rotating attachment. Be sure to use this type of leash with dogs with similar walking patterns.

Purpose of the harness 
When it comes to harnesses, the basic rule is to find one that meets your needs. If you will be taking your dog along for a car ride, get a safety harness to keep it in place on the car seat. For training, consider a padded harness to avoid hurting it. You may also want to find one that helps track and identify your dog in case it gets lost. Such harnesses are personalized to include name of the dog and phone number of the owner.

Whichever leash or harness you choose for your dog, consider its safety and the daily routine. Be sure that the leash or harness is comfortable for your dog. 

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