Dog Run Installation

Two things that pet owners highly enjoy are their pet’s happiness and engaging in creative fulfillment. Watching DIY style videos for pet projects can definitely promote both feelings of enjoyment. Video footage gives insight to how things will work and integrate into the home, so more people will be inclined to copy it. However, some adjustments will surely be made as everyone has different circumstances and access to materials. 
Seeing the dog in this environment can instill trust that this sort of project will be beneficial to dog owners. It is much easier to see the size of the dog compared to the amount of fencing installation was made, so owners can accommodate and change the space as needed for the dog breed and size that they own. Another benefit to this kind of video footage is seeing the animal walk around the finished project. A lot of pet owners will see the dog interacting with whatever was made, and that can be enough to make a pet owner jealous. Overall, a video like this showing an installation made for their beloved pet is inspiring to owners to attempt to create their own. 

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