Finding the Perfect Toy for Fido

There are many toys out there that your dog will love but finding one that he/she won’t destroy in a couple minutes may be tough. There are several things that you’ll want to consider before you make those major purchases. Today we are going to focus on Aspen Pet products. Aspen pet are the makers of Booda pet toys. We all know those ropes that our dogs love to tug on. Well they were the first company to come out with them. I believe that they first designed them as a perch in a bird cage. Nonetheless they have been a great asset for us to have when playing with our dogs. 
1) The obvious thing would be the size of your dog. Don’t just buy anything cheap and small for them. Ropes come in all sizes and now even lots of different shapes. There are one knot with a handle, two knot, three knot and even larger ones. If I am buying ropes either to resell or for my own dog, I look for quality. I want something that is going to hold up for a while. So always look for a name brand. In this case Booda. I mean they started the whole rope toy thing. No matter what type of toy you are looking at for your dog always go for quality they will always last a lot longer and in the long run save you money and make your pet happier. 
2)If your dog is a small dog then get them something soft and easy to chew. That is unless your dog is the type to tear into everything then something sturdier comes to mind. Booda makes several toys for the small dog that likes to chew. Ripp’ems are great for this. They come in a couple different sizes and are heavy duty material with Velcro attaching the head, arms and legs to the body. It’s like this so you can attach them again and again. Once again, when you buy quality you get more and more uses out of the toy and you save money in the long run 
3)If you are looking for something to through for your dog to retrieve or catch outside then the flying disc by Booda is the perfect toy for that. They are light weight and they float. Great for any dog outside activity. They also come in 3 different sizes. 
4)My dog’s favorite toy is the Booda “booda Bellies”. His first one was the Giraffe. He loves this one more than any of his other toys and believe me he has quite a few. It is something about the softness of the belly of the toy and I guess the grunting noise it makes rather than the squeak. He carries it around mainly by the head or belly and doesn’t really mess with the long neck at all. 
So when you think about buying a new toy for your dog think about what your dog needs and then think quality before you buy. Aspen Pet’s Booda line has always been top notch in the way of quality and selection of toys for your dog no matter what they are in need of. 

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