Introducing Paws Up Pet Supply

Everyone knows that family. No, I’m not talking about the family that people try to avoid, or the family that shows up to Aunt Betsy’s Christmas party and everyone lets out a collective groan. I’m talking about that pet family. The one whose house smells perfectly fine to them but when you step in it smells distinctly of shed hairs and wet dog.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with this family. Some may consider them pet hoarders, but this is not so. This family knows of the true power of loving and caring for a pet, be it a dog, cat, hamster, leopard gecko, or hermit crab. This family embraces all of the smells and the pee spots and the muddy paws because they know what it’s like to own a pet that loves and cares for its owner just as much as the owner cares and loves it.

Paws Up Pet Supply was founded and is operated by pet lovers for pet lovers. We understand that your pet is a big part of your life. It’s a big part of our life too. Whether it’s puppy dog eyes or kneading paws, drooling chins or scratching claws; be it a Bruiser or a Molly, a Garfield or a Collie; should you need a collar or a carrier, a big ol’ cat tree or a teeny, tiny terrier; Paws Up Pet Supply is your number one source for anything pets!

We’re on the lookout for all the items that make the lives of pet lovers a little easier. We’re considering ways to design and organize this site so as to present the knowledge we’ve accumulated (and continue to accumulate) in the most beneficial way possible. For the time being, don’t dismiss the potential of simple-sounding gadgets. From smart bowls to virtual leashes, check out the benefits offered by these pet gadgets.

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