How to Make Your Own Cat Toys

Keeping your cats entertained can be expensive but just because it can be does not mean that it must be. This video shows ways to produce your own cat toys, arguably ones cheaper or more durable than any commercial toy.

The video features three different crafting projects. 

  • A sock, cut up to resemble a fish and filled with some weighted material and the obvious addition of catnip. This is quite a thrifty idea indeed as catnip toys can cost anywhere from $4-7 yet catnip is cheap enough that you can grow it for free and this gives an out to use someone’s old sock. 
  • An “activity stick” made from a custom yarn ball, some cardboard, a thin stick and a some accents to draw the cat’s attention as you wave it about. 
  • A ring wrapped in appealing multicolored ribbons. 

Overall, I think that this is a pretty good video for craft cat owners and may even inspire them to craft their own unique feline festivities at little cost. 

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