Ideal Pet Products for Traveling

If you plan on taking a dog or cat along with you on your next trip you are going to have to invest in some pet travel products. Whether you are taking them for a ride through the country, or even by plane to a foreign country, there are plenty of ideal pet products that will make the trip go a lot more smoothly. The following will provide you with a rundown of the most useful pet travel products that are available so you know what to take along on your next trip.

Probably the most obvious of these pet travel products is a carrying case or pet travel bag. When you are choosing one of these cages you must find one that is large enough to give your pet enough room to turn around, stand up, and lie down at will. You must also make sure that the bottom is water proof or at least has a towel at the bottom.

With international pet travel on an airplane there are a set of special precautions that you will have to make, and one of these is to make sure that you take along the ideal pet products. One of the most interesting new products that is available is known as a SnuggiePuppie or SnuggieKittie which is a life like stuffed animal which even has a heartbeat that can provide relaxation for your pet and lessen the chance of separation anxiety occurring. Other important things that you will want to take along include an extra copy of your pet’s vaccination records.

If you are simply planning on taking your pet along for a drive then you do not have to take such strict precautions, but there are still things that you might want to bring along for the ride. Pet cargo covers for example are particularly useful as they allow your pet to move around freely in the storage area of your vehicle. They usually consist of a mesh wire barrier that stretches from the floor to the ceiling of your vehicle. If your pet is a bit more trustworthy then there are softer pet cargo covers available that provide the same benefits.

When shopping for pet travel products you will find a wide variety of companies that offer what you are looking for. Two of the most popular companies that specialize in this area are Perky Pets and Premier. Both of these companies offer a wide variety of products so they should have exactly what you are looking for. However, they do not just offer products for traveling as you can purchase several other types of products for your pet including toys, clothing, furniture, and much more. If you are interested in buying products for your pet but do not know which company to turn two they are both a good choice.


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