Taking Care of a Pet Bird

Having a pet bird can be a great experience. With having a bird, you have to take certain maintenance precautions that you may not be aware of, especially if this is the first time that you have ever owned one. A few things you must be aware of are claw and feather maintenance.

Some people feel comfortable maintaining their bird’s wings to keep them from flying about the house. For their safety, they clip the feathers on the wings. Clipping wings is the same as cutting hair; it does not hurt the bird. You can also use clipping the bird’s feathers as a taming and basic training tool. There are people who prefer to pluck the bird’s feathers to keep it looking tidier; however, if you can imagine the hair stylist yanking clumps of hair out at a time, this is how it would feel to the bird. We highly advice you to avoid plucking the feathers.

The bird’s nails need to be maintained as well. You can use either simple nail clippers or special bird claw clippers. When you trim the nails, you need to look for the “quick,” or the vein in the claw. This is the blood supply to the nail, and you must avoid clipping it when you cut the claw. Another option to maintain claws would be to get a sand perch. This perch will maintain the bird’s nails over time. 

Having pet birds can be such an exciting experience. The random acts and work-like mentality of birds can be so fun to watch and appreciate. If you want a great cage, we have a recommendation. The Flight Cage is the perfect bird accessory for all of your bird housing needs. Having the proper cage for your birds will give them the room they need to live and work freely.

The Flight Cage is ideal for multiples of small birds like finches and canaries. This unique birdcage provides ample flight space for your favorite pets. Your birds will be able to live in normalcy. This birdcage also has wheels on the ends of each leg. These wheels allow you to move your birdcage around from room to room easily.

It is important that you bird cage is large enough for the birds that you own. With this birdcage your birds will have ample room to fly and work in different areas. The holiday season is right around the corner. You can surprise your loved one with new pets and this wonderful birdcage this year.  

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