About Paws Up Pet Supply

It seems obvious that when a person adopts a new pet, he or she knows that it needs the best possible care so that it can live a long and healthy life. As pet owners, this is what we want. We want longevity for our pets, so that we may enjoy and cherish our time with these loved ones.

But raising a loved one is difficult. And while getting the right supplies for your pet may seem like a common sense thing, sometimes we need a few reminders. So what pops into mind when you think of what your dog or cat needs right off the bat? Let’s make a list of the common elements to meeting a pet’s basic needs:

  • Food
  • Water
  • Shelter

You may be thinking, Well, these are pretty obvious. Yes, they are. But what kind of food are you going to feed your pet? Are you going to give your cat wet or dry food? And what brand? Does it matter? How much food will your dog eat? Will you buy a crate for your dog? Do you need one? How big should it be? How much room does your dog need? And what about a dog bed?

And yes, you may have visited the vet and taken care of getting you pet the proper shots and examinations, but what about consistent, ongoing care? If your cat hasn’t been declawed, how often should you trim his or her nails? How should you even go about doing it without getting scratches up and down your arms? What kind of trimmers should you use? And what about your dog?

You want as much happiness for your pets as you can provide. And they want to give you just as much love. Paws Up Pet Supply wants to make sure you have all of the information you need regarding pet care and the proper supplies you will need to maintain a good, healthy, and prosperous life for your pets and for you.