How to Stop Your Dog from Chewing Things Up

Many pet, more particular dogs, chew many of their owners out of house and home. The reasons for this can be many, but much of the time it is because they are either, bored, hungry or full of aggression towards you. 
When dogs are bored particularly after being alone for some period of time, they just start to look for things to stimulate themselves. Much like we humans do. Dogs however look for things to chew or destroy rather than a video game or calling someone. Now they don’t think they are destroying anything. They are just having fun. But when we get home and see what has happened it is anything but fun for both of us. 
There are several ways to deal with a pet that is bored. First and foremost, spend time with them. That’s why you have a pet in the first place. They need companionship just as much as you do. Pets live and breathe to make us happy. They just need to know that they are loved and wanted. Just as you do. So, here are the keys to this. Play with them. Take them on walks. Take them to the park or with you when you are running errands. You get the idea. Pets are not here to comfort us 20 minutes a day or a week for that matter. They are with us to be our companion and part of our family in life. The quick answer to a pet being bored is to give them attention. 
The second reason our pets chew is because they are hungry. Just like a baby, when they are hungry, they get upset and cry our pets get upset and act out as well. They chew! So, the simple answer is to make sure that they get plenty to eat. A good quality pet food is a necessity in this day and age. You can feed them Pedigree but that food is mostly all fillers you can feed raw food but that can be messy and time consuming. A good quality food will have things like chicken meal, lamb meal, rice and barley. It will also contain ingredients that will provide the omega 3 and 6 oils. The logic here is that if you feed your pet a good quality food (one without fillers) their nutritional needs will be met and they will be less hungry and therefore less likely to chew. 
Aggression towards us is another reason that pets may chew things. This sort of goes hand in hand with the first 2 reasons stated above. Take for example you walk your dog every day after work. The last week you have been working late and not able to walk your dog. Your dog doesn’t understand this but knows that he’s not getting the attention that they are used to. So, as an act of aggression towards you they start chewing things up. More times than not taking your dog on the walks that he so loves and needs should correct the problem. 
Our pets chew things for many reasons. Many times, chewing is a sign that they need something from us. Whether it be love, attention or just the right food it is our job to do our best to treat everyone in the family equal and to make sure that they have what is necessary for them to be content. Changing how you live just a little can make you pet happy and less likely to chew things up. It could also save you quite a bit of money. 

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